Frequently Asked Questions

How does the translation process work?

For certified translation services for documents and certificates Just upload your documents on our safe order page, choose from the available options that match your preferences, and get a completely professional translation of your documents as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between certified and standard translation?

Certified translation involves a professional translator verifying the accuracy of the translated document and a statement of accuracy. It's typically required for legal or official documents. Standard translation, on the other hand, refers to general translation services without the additional certification. Certified translations carry a higher level of assurance regarding accuracy and are often necessary for official purposes, while standard translations are suitable for non-legal or casual contexts.

How long does the translation take and what is the cost?

The duration and cost of translation depend on the page count. Normally, 1-3 pages are translated in 24 hours or less, and 4-6 pages in 48 hours. Each page is up to 250 words. Our rate is $27.99 per page. If urgency is a concern, expedited options are available. Please be assured that our commitment to quality remains consistent, ensuring accurate and reliable translations.

What documents and languages do you translate?

We can translate any document you have into more than 60 languages. Our team makes sure the translation is accurate and respectful of different cultures. Explore our comprehensive list of documents and languages on our dedicated pages for detailed information.

Who will translate my documents?

Our skilled team of translators is dedicated to providing top-quality services. They make sure your documents are translated perfectly without compromising on quality. Your important papers receive careful attention, ensuring everything is done perfectly in the translation process